Dog Daycare

Play, Exercise, and Socialize at dog daycare!

Whether you are at work, on vacation, have a busy day planned, or just want to treat your dog to a fun-filled day of play, we offer a supervised, invigorating, and interactive atmosphere. Our spacious indoor/outdoor facility is climate controlled for each animal’s comfort and specially designed to give your dog a safe and friendly place for fun and exercise. Whether a party animal or couch potato, your pet will always find:

  • Ongoing, positive interaction with other dogs
  • Plenty of time and space to play with friends
  • Structured activities such as organized games, ball time, bubble time and water play
  • A comfy spot to relax or nap
  • Constant companionship from our caring, experienced staff

We tailor our playgroups to meet each dog’s size, temperament, play style and special needs. You can use our live webcams to visit whenever you like and watch your dog exercising, playing, and enjoying the day.

Owners often notice a positive change in their dog’s behavior after attending daycare. Much like children learn in kindergarten, your dog will learn that he can wait his turn, be polite, and that it’s okay to be away from Mom and Dad.

Please visit our “Register” page or contact us at 914-739-PUPS (7877) for more information and to get started.


  • 6:45 am - 7:00 pm
  • Open 365 days per year


  • Full Day – drop off by 10:00 am, pick up by 7:00 pm
    • Full Day - $41
  • Full Day Passes (Valid for 2 Months)
    • 5 Full Day Pass - $190 ($38/day)
    • 10 Full Day Pass - $360 ($36/day)
    • 15 Full Day Pass - $510 ($34/day)
  • Full Day “Power” Pass (Valid for 1 Month)
    • 20 Full Day “Power” Pass - $620 ($31/day)
  • Half Day – drop off by 10:00 am, pick up by 1:30 pm
    • Half Day - $31
  • Half Day Passes (Valid for 2 Months)
    • 5 Half Day Pass - $140 ($28/day)
    • 10 Half Day Pass - $270 ($27/day)
  • Multi-dog Discount
    • 15% discount given for additional dogs from the same family
  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off available, call for pricing

Passes start on date of first use and are non refundable & non transferable. Fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Sales tax not included.


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Benefits of Dog Daycare

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Hooper is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and he weighs 92 lbs. It was clear to us early on in his puppyhood, that he was a high energy dog. Since both my husband and I work full time in the city, it was nearly impossible to satisfy all of his energy needs. Hooper needed more than daily long walk, or a weekend romp at the dog park. We would come home to find a wall eaten, toys destroyed, doors clawed down. I was ready to concede defeat and send Hooper back to the breeder when my husband discovered Canine Kindergarten. Hooper has attended Canine Kindergarten twice a week for over a year. Within a week the destructive behavior ceased. Hooper has been able to exercise out his puppy energy so that when we do obedience training he is focused enough to retain the commands. We have also found that through his socialization with other dogs, he understands better where he fits into our family pack. We have been thrilled with Canine Kindergarten since day one. The staff is helpful, and knowledgeable. The facility is clean. The results have been paws and tails above my best expectations. We are so thankful for this resource that allows us to keep our lifestyle and still have a dog.”
- Cara S.