Good Behavior Through Expert Training!

A well trained dog is a happy and healthy dog. It is also essential to building a strong, loving relationship between you and your pet. Our dog training program and puppy training philosophy provides mutual trust and respect through positive reinforcement. We never, ever believe in punishing your animal. Owners learn benevolent leadership and how to communicate positively and effectively with their dogs.

So whether you have a new puppy, an adolescent, adult or mature dog, we offer expert guidance through our convenient, affordable obedience classes or private in home sessions. Remember - your dog should be a source of great joy and companionship – not a source of frustration. Let us help!

Please visit our “Register” page or contact us at 914-739-7877 for more information and to get started.

Training Classes

Puppy Playgroup: For puppies up to 6 months. Play session supervised by a trainer. Opportunity for fun and socialization. Learn when play is appropriate and when to intervene. $15 per session. Meets every Tuesday from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Additionally, our Mount Kisco location offers these sessions every Saturday morning. Please contact the appropriate location for more information and to register for your first visit (vaccinations must be on file prior to your puppy's first session).

Elementary Obedience: For puppies and adult dogs. Class focuses on using basic obedience commands to teach manners and self control. Solutions to common behavior problems are discussed. 6 sessions for $225

Intermediate Obedience: Class teaches additional commands and reinforces the basic commands with increasing levels of distractions. 6 sessions for $225

Advanced Obedience: Class prepares you and your dog to take and complete the AKC Canine Good Citizen test as well as improve on commands you have already learned. 6 sessions for $225

Impulse Control: A supplemental course to our obedience classes that teaches self-control among common over-excitement triggers, such as doorbells, greetings, movement and noise. Clicker training included. An emphasis on relaxation and settling on cue makes this class ideal for the high-energy or excitable dog. 4 sessions for $150

Tricks Training: Have some fun with your dog and show off to your family and friends. 4 sessions for $150

Games: Class provides a fun bonding experience for you and your dog. Games and light-hearted competitions will strengthen your dog’s obedience commands while providing a chance for some fun and laughs. 4 sessions for $150.

Kids & Dogs: Class focuses on helping your child teach some basic commands to your dog while emphasizing safety around dogs.  This class is a supplement to our Elementary Obedience class and is focused on helping your child understand and interact appropriately with your family dog. Family-oriented environment in a small class setting.  Please note that an adult must accompany each child. 4 sessions for $150.

Play & Train

Would you like your dog to receive training, but don’t have the time? We make it easy for you by providing training tailored to your dog while they are with us for daycare or boarding. Our skilled private certified trainer will work individually with your dog on many types of training such as basic commands, leash walking, polite greetings, self control and leash reactivity.

We offer 3 Session and 5 Session training packages which include:

  • Initial phone consultation with our trainer to determine the behaviors to be worked on
  • Three or Five 45 minute training sessions in which your dog will be taken out of the playgroup and worked with individually by our trainer.
  • Optionally, a follow up session at your home can be scheduled at an additional cost to review the training and continue good habits at home.


  • 3 session package for $200
  • 5 session package for $325
  • Individual session for $75

Private Sessions

While group classes are great for socializing dogs and teaching general obedience, some clients find that they want more individualized attention. Through our relationship with Tim Thimsen of Paws & Effect, we offer private obedience training and behavior modification. Sessions can be scheduled in your home at your convenience. Please contact Paws & Effect directly at 914-734-2412 or visit their website at

Fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable.
Sales tax not included.

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Benefits of Training

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Havana came to us at 5 months of age. When we went to get Havana they told us that Havana was very shy, but they felt with patience and some work we could draw her out. We brought her home and she definitely backed away from everyone and everything with the exception of me. It was a difficult start. I started taking her everywhere we went and immediately enrolled her in Canine Kindergarten Elementary Class, followed by Intermediate Class, both with Holly. She started out by hiding behind me or under the chair during class. Each week she became a little more confident and by the end of the second session, she thought she was in charge. What a great teacher.”
- Arlene B.