FAQs – Training

A. At Canine Kindergarten we use positive and humane methods in training your dog. We believe that positive methods equal positive results. We never use physical punishment or harsh corrections. We focus on teaching owners how to positively and effectively communicate with their dogs. Once you know how to do that, the possibilities are endless.
A. Classes meet once a week for an hour. Sessions are either four or six weeks long depending on the course.
A. Since obedience training is essential to good behavioral health, training should begin as early as possible. We believe that 10 weeks is a good starting point for most puppies. Owners are usually pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly their puppies learn. We also feel it is extremely important for puppies to be socialized early on and for this reason we also recommend attending our Puppy Playgroup sessions.
A. Certainly! Having all members of the family involved can help provide the consistency that is an important part of any training program. We do ask that each child be supervised by an adult and not be a distraction to the class.
A. Dogs that have developed a behavior problem definitely benefit from general obedience training. However, in most cases, obedience class is used in conjunction with a behavior modification program in the home. Please call us to discuss your specific issue and we will point you in the right direction.
A. Our main focus is on group obedience classes. However, if your dog has a behavior problem, or you feel more comfortable learning in your own home, through our relationship with Tim Thimsen of Paws & Effect, we offer private obedience training and behavior modification. Sessions can be scheduled in your home at your convenience. Please contact Paws & Effect directly at 914-734-2412 or visit their website at www.pawsandeffectny.com.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We started taking Geel to CK’s Puppy Playgroup when he was 4 months old. At first he was very afraid of the other puppies, but soon he was running around with all the other little ones. We made some very good friends in puppy playtime and still keep in touch. Before he was 5 months old, we started taking him to Verplanck every Tuesday and Thursday. Now he is a year and a half and he loves it as much as ever. He now knows the mornings he is going and is up and ready. On the days he does not go, he lays around as if to say, "Well, another boring day". Canine Kindergarten has been one of the best things we have done for ourselves and for our boy, Geel.”
- Susan & Larry B.